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botox and filler treatments lynchburg va

BOTOX® and Dermal Filler Services

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Learn More About BOTOX®

BOTOX® is a brand of Botulinum Toxin Type A injectable that works to relax muscles. This injectable achieves the desired look by diminishing muscle contractions that cause wrinkles. 

BOTOX® is an excellent preventative tool against the formation and progression of facial wrinkles.

BOTOX® can help treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Jaw clenching

  • Chronic headaches and migraines

Common target areas for BOTOX®:

  • Frown lines between the eyes

  • Lines along the forehead

  • Crow’s feet around the outer corners of the eyes

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BOTOX® Parties

Want to receive a BOTOX® treatment in the comfort of your own home? Gather 4-6 of your friends and host a Botox party at home, or you can even bring the party to our office. The host will receive special pricing! Available evenings and weekends. Call now to schedule!

Learn More About Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid injectable gels work to restore volume and smooth lines in target areas. This injectable achieves the desired look by providing a non-surgical solution for restoring fullness to the face and smoothness to the skin.

Dermal fillers can help treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Volume loss to the face

Common target areas for Dermal Fillers:

  • Lips

  • Cheeks

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Deciding Between BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers


  • BOTOX® is more of a preventative measure for worsening wrinkles.

  • It works by relaxing the muscles that are known to cause wrinkles.

  • BOTOX® results can be seen in about two weeks.

  • Follow up treatments are recommended about every three months.

Dermal Fillers

  • Dermal fillers are more of a corrective measure for existing wrinkles.

  • Fillers work by enhancing your facial volume and shape.

  • The results of fillers can be seen immediately.

  • Follow up treatments are recommended every one to two years.

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